Grade 6 Pathway Vocabulary "Working With Words" Set

To the Teacher...

This workbook is designed especially for Amish parochial schools with hopes that it will enrich the pupils' vocabulary and open the way for better reading comprehension. Care was taken to keep the lessons and instructions simple enough so that the pupil will be able to benefit from the work with a minimum of teacher supervision.

Even though approximately 75% of the words introduced in this book are taken from the stories in Pathway's sixth grade reader, Step By Step, this workbook can be used with any reading book. For schools using the Pathway Reading Series, the page numbers on the top of each lesson tell from which pages the words in that lesson were taken. We recommend that the work in this workbook be taken before these pages are read in reading class. This will acquaint the pupils with the words of the story and help them get a deeper meaning from the story. Even though the majority of the words were taken from the sixth-grade reader, they will not all be found in the given pages. A certain number were taken from other sources.

Any word that may be difficult for the children to pronounce is marked with an asterisk (*) and the children should be encouraged to look up all these words in the dictionary for their correct pronunciation. Special attention should be given to such words in class.

Pupils should be encouraged to use their dictionaries when they are doing the regular exercises. However, following every fourth lesson there will be a review lesson which they should be able to do without the help of a dictionary. Following every eight lesson a teacher can grade the pupils' progress by giving the tests found in the back of this workbook. (These tests should be removed before the books are passed out to the pupils.)

Even though teacher's editions are available, we feel it would be very profitable for each teacher to do the exercises herself in order to become well acquainted with the contents of this workbook.